Monday, November 28, 2016

Considerably Richer Than

Harry Enfield: Considerably Richer

Subtitle:  Smartphone Wars

In the more genuine I would argue old days, Smartphones used to compete on Specifications.  But with the technology curve and app ideas reaching a sort of plateau there is a new game in town:


Smartphone manufacturers are now competing with each other to produce the highest price, and therefore,  least competitive smartphone.

I'm assuming the audience is the "My Smartphone is more expensive than your Smartphone" end user segment.

Not convinced?

Google Pixel XL
819 GBP

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
919 GBP

Above prices from UK Clove Technology

Huawei Mate 9
(Porsche Design)

about 1200 GBP

- Well Apple, of course it is expensive
- Well Google, so now I need to be rich to be a fanboy? Shame on you
- Well Huawei, so you are admitting you need an expensive European Brandname to bolster your product? Shame on you.

I really stress to the youngsters reading this:  Don't attempt to save up for one of the above 'ultimate' Smartphones.  Leave them to the likes of the Business customer, who more often than not has their company actually buys them this astronomically priced phone.

An remember that all of the above will be /The old Smartphone/ in town in 12 months time.

Harry Enfield: Not Considerably Richer