Saturday, November 26, 2016

Busy and Insomnia AND

If you have been tuning into the Blog in the last 2 weeks you may notice the verbosity of articles dwindling and this is for a very good reason.

Nearly all hours during the day has been spent on practical property research, leading along the way to the following update to the right side of the blog quick link Property Heading

Was has this meant?

Faithless 2.0 Insomnia

For the most part an absence of sleep, at a time when in principle Marcus is supposed to be taking it easy and doing things in my own good time godammit!


I missed Black Friday

Logging on at 9pm and I had missed nearly everthing from the local Swiss shop

I was too busy in Sainsbury's to do anything but get some food.

Something in Cheltenham

Something I looked at in Cheltenham.  It was not to be

Yes all the driving, viewing, analysing, cross checking, speaking to agents, owners, developers.  It is really quite stressful

And yes, Insomnia included at no extra charge

Faithless remix: Insomnia2 avicii