Wednesday, November 16, 2016

All About the Electricity

Subtitle: Life on the Road

In 2016, now more than ever Marcus would like to postulate that our, and by that I mean our Western Civilisation is critically dependent on Electricity.

This week I am travelling, principally house hunting, but my purposefully modest lifestyle is still critically dependent upon the Volts and Amps that power just about everything.

(Oh, and there is the Diesel as a motive energy source too don't forget)

After a decent mountain run this afternoon the hot air vents are drying out my Salomon trail shoes

 Inside it is 25 degrees C

Outside it is a staggeringly warm for the season 12 degrees C

The main Heating is provided by a Truma 6, i.e. 6KW heater.  This can be powered by Gas or Electricity and the obvious rule is:  Use Electricity whenever possible!  Here the Inside thermostat is set to 25 degrees.

Whilst touring in Europe the strange but terrible truth is that Gas Bottle standards are different.  So you need to set out with full Gas Bottles and since you can't normally exchange them as you would do in your home country when empty  (at a Petrol station), then conserve that Gas!

 We are using Electricity on the most powerful setting

The Electric Circulation Fan is set to Eco meaning a soft quiet, non hurricane airflow.

Under the drivers seat is some Electronic gubbins that is able to take the Main electricity Supply and

- Intelligently feed and Charge the Double 12V Heavy Duty House Batteries.

Motorhomes typically have a Car Battery for the Engine and a separate circuit with one or two, separate House batteries.

Whilst plugged into the mains your 12V rails are being powered from the mains whilst the house batteries are charged and also mains diverted to the heating system, so that the Gas backup is not used.

Gadget Charging
My Laptop is charging and also my Headtorch battery.

Also not shown but charging are the GPS watch, step trackers and Smartphones

The Kitchen
It's modest.  Whilst the hob is Gas powered the sink uses hot water from the Electric Boiler   (there is a Gas backup).

The Music
Going Simple I am able this week to just use a regular FM radio to receive BBC Radio 4,  ah so wonderful!

The SmartphoneThe Smartphone, aka Phone, Camera, Torch, GPS is all powered by Electricity.   At the end of the day using the Android Debug Mode I transfer all my pictures to my Laptop and then after editing to the Internet.

The Internet
Made possibly by the Mains powered Asus 4G-N12 SIM router I have a pretty decent 7Mbps mobile internet connection tonight, literally in the middle of nowhere

 The Web Browser from my Laptop

 Not bad for the middle of absolute nowhere tonight!

In Summary
Whilst out on the road it is possible to 'Wild Camp' wherever legal; using Gas Heating,  and 12V electrics.  But not for long.  It's much easier when there is a Mains 240V feed that can supply you with ample heating, hot water, and enough juice to power and recharge all the equipment that one now needs for even the most rudimentary living in 2016.