Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What price Swiss living?

 Subtitle: Patience Please

Above you see the cost of Electrical Wire snippers.

Lately I have been fiddling, or as Marcus would like to put it, enhancing and improving some electronic Circuits.  I never had some dedicate fine wire snips and so it was time to buy one immediately, or so I had hoped.

The top picture was the very limited selection in Coop Brico + Loisirs

Unlike the UK or other European or American countries I have lived in there are no Electronics shops around.  I mean none in Lausanne Switzerland! Coop is one of the 2 main supermarkets and they have a limited selection of tools as shown above.   The cost is let us say 26 CHF which is about 20GBP or about 26 USD.

It was then with deep regret that I then searched on eBay to find that for 2GBP, so in other words 18 GBP cheaper or in fact 10% of the Swiss price I can order some cable cutters from China.  Oh, and that price includes postage.

Patience is of course required, because although I want this tool today, and my handywork is messy without the correct tools; it is patently clear that the profit that Mr Coop is deriving is excessive.

Now I don't doubt that the Coop product is of better quality, though I don't have my Chinese product yet, so this is just a supposition based on price.  But really, even an imbecile can understand that this cost cannot be warranted in view of the alternative.

An uncertain future
Whilst importing all manner of goods has worked for Marcus and Agata for over 10 years in Switzerland, recent punitive changes in legislation could ruin the part

This article refers

Basically, currently if the VAT duty to be paid is under 5CHF as it would be for total purchases under 60CHF then the VAT is not bothered to be collected.

The new legislation says that ALL VAT must be collected.  And so if it is not, even for say a 1CHF (1 dollar ) import; the goods will presumably attract a 30CHF administration charge.    No really, I mean 30 CHF administration.   That is the current fee if your goods exceed 60 CHF value, in other words, currently if your goods are over 60CHF, better make sure they are well over. 

The worst case scenario is that in the near future sellers of goods from China will block all sales to Switzerland,  and I do fear this is likely.

Dear All,  with new protectionist tactics like this, is it finally time to leave this green[back] and pleasant land?

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