Friday, October 28, 2016

We watched the 2016 MacBook Pro announce so you don't have to

So finally,  and I mean finally Apple released the 2016 update to its range of all conquering Intel Laptop computers.

If you don understand the emphasis of finally, I shall explain that in the last 12 months the MacBook Pro line of computers has been so laughably behind the curve that even Marcus felt sorry for Apple.

In order I suggest that you watch

Apple's MacBook Pro event in 10 minutes

Look at the Tech Specs   Here

And if you want the full monty:

Watch the full 82 minute keynote

For Fanboys/girls only

The 2016 Macbook Pro Design Film
(NB: This video includes the voice of Jony Ive that some viewers may find disturbing)

If you want to be the first kid on the block with this new eye candy, then order it here

Hard Questions for Professionals
For Knowledgeable Power Users here are tough questions that I hope will be answered shortly when actual product ships

01 Disk Speeds: How is the upto 3.1GB/second speed acheived?  Is it using Industry Standard M2 Disk (example Samsung 960 Pro) and is the disk socketed and thus theoretically up-gradable/ replaceable

02 Are any of the Disk (M2?), Networking (mini PCI?),  Memory (DDR4 2133Mhz) socketed and thus replaceable

03 Can the Machine be re-installed with Linux e.g 64bit Mint or 64bit Centos, or Windows 10, Windows 2016 native.  This will depend on whether Apple has either written drivers for or make Hardware Interface Specs available.

04 Touch Bar:  API natively programmable under Windows/ Linux. Same question for the Touch ID sensor.

05 IO Ports:  These are Essentially USB C 31 Gen 2 ports with Alternate Mode capability. Confirm.

06 LG 5K Screen: Really is connecting over Thunderbolt not USB-C.  Meaning those 5K screens can't be used in a non Thunderbolt environment?

07 Warranty in EC/Switzerland is indeed 2 years as mandated by Country Law.  And warranty is International e.g. Product bought in USA can be warrantied and serviced in UK without issue.

08 CPU: Presumably the most powerful processor is the 6th gen Intel i7-6920HQ (ann. 2015Q3).  This is understandable because the Intel 7th gen i7 maximum is only a 2Core i7-7500U.  This does however mean that when Intel releases its quad core i7 mobile this MacBook Pro will be outdated and replaced with a speed-bump model?  So it's state of the art status will be <12 months. Discuss?

09 Graphics:  It's Radeon Pro 455 or 460 based. To Gamers is this great?  Personally I'm an unwitting Nvidia Geoforce fanboy.

10 Memory: Why is the memory limited to only 16GB. No better than 4 years ago. For Virtualisation and Video Editing 32GB or even 64GB options would seem to be sensible.

11 Security: Is there a Kensington Lock for Physical security.

12:BIOS: Will there be a proper (ideally) GUI based interface to the UEFI startup and not a 1980's command line?

13 Cost: Personally I got the 15" Hardware only spec upto 4299 USD (cf 4273 CHF or 3540 GBP or 3940 EUR).  What did you find with the configurator

And Finally .. Just one More Thing

Joy Of Tech

Brian Tong: Let's get ready to Dongle