Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Missing Steps

Stones: Miss You

My Garmin 920XT watch is one of the first Sports GPS watches that also allowed for daily Step tracking.   In fact the 920XT was quite a landmark product in many ways since it's announcement in November 2014.

Aside from the 12 hour plus battery life in competitions, making it one of the few watches that can be used in Ultra races, it also has the ability to load Applications,  Custom Watch Faces, and Metric Widgets (e.g. Compass Point, Graphical Elevation).

Altough I raved about the watch here

I am gutted to report that it's developed a persistent synchronisation fault.   It has failed

- Failed to synchronise my walking steps for the last 2 weeks

- Is between difficult to impossible to synchronise my activities like Swimming or Cycling etc.

My Steps

So I tongue in cheek as the question:

Do my steps count unless they are pushed upto the Garmin website for comparison with my named friends who also do the same!

My daily Step Goal is 21,000 steps and so I was curious to see on logon to the official Garmin Connect site I seemed to be at the bottom of the rankings.

For the last 2 weeks though the watch has recorded my steps that I can look back at on the watch itself a Synchronisation snafu means

- I can still see the numbers on the watch

- But since only todays count did get uploaded
- The previous counts on the watch cannot
- There is no way to manually enter a count  (to prevent cheating I suppose?)

Like a footballer then you can see that I walked about 22Km today and this results in 117% of my daily step goal.  Hurrah!

Are Garmin telling Me?

I think Garmin are telling me that my now quite ancient 920XT should be replaced with a newer model.  One that they are still writing working software updates for.

But so far, Garmin don't really have any high end replacements save the Fenix 3, and that is a much larger product that I don't feel comfortable wearing 24x7   (Fenix 3 is 82 grams vs current 61 grams, and much larger)

A Serious Close
Whilst my step goals are quite ambitious I have a serious comment to make.   I believe it is incumbent on all members of society to stay in shape.  There is a balance to be struck between exercise,  working,  eating wholesome foods and indulgence.  If you are overweight and you feel /too busy/ to do any exercise,  or knowingly eat a majority unhealthy diet, day in , day out:  Then: you are no friend of mine.  Eventually society, and that includes me will spend my taxes disproportionately on your medical care, old age care, and care of your family who remain after your premature demise.  Daily exercise can really start very easily with just steps.  Please consider it.


My step goals are not for show.  They are indeed a metric which I use to remind myself the critical importance of base line exercise.

I hope Garmin will release a new all round (i.e. not Run only) GPS sports Watch with Heart Rate monitor that will be a natural successor to the 920XT. I am waiting!

Base line Exercise keeps me in shape and this combined with as healthy a diet as I can afford and accomplish will hopefully keep me healthy, and importantly less of a burden to friends, family and society as a whole.

Showaddywaddy - Three steps to heaven 1975