Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Swiss Vendange 2016

Even though Marcus and Agata have talked about this before many friends from England and America refuse to believe that Switzerland has a wine industry, and further that we actually live less than 10Km from the local vineyards.

So since we are Marathon training, we took the opportunity to take some photographs last Sunday, when the temperature had thankfully rose back up to the unseasonably high 15 degrees C or so.

It is time for the yearly picking of the grapes or Vendange

 People hand pick the grapes, put them into yellow boxes, then onto their back stacked high, then transfer them into a van as shown

 Km 13, we take a moment to admire the views.

 Not bad in fact

 And I am sure spectacular from the house / castle up there.

 Processed containers

 Zoom in (click) to confirm the Swiss obsession with fish!

One of the charming water stops along the lake road

More Good News
It was only after our 20 something Km run to the vineyards and back that Marcus remembered that his ankle is still most injured from his scooter accident.  Clearly it must be getting better!