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Sunday Sermon: Islam's Non-Believers

Subtitle: Deeyah Khan investigates the lives of people who have left Islam as they face discrimination from within their own communities.

I had high hopes of the ITV programme Exposure which talked about discrimination of ex Muslims.  Watch the programme here

I found the programme disturbing, but since I follow this kind of distress and situation closely already, the situations revealed, the distress, anguish, cruelty, discrimination of the ex Muslims is already a familiar situation to me.

The Justifications

Islamic holy texts  (Google yourself, or see links at bottom) are clear that the penalty for Apostasy is death

You can come to this conclusion by reading the texts or asking Islamic Scholars, 'experts', Internet Research, or watching YouTube videos

To be clear,  I've not met a single Muslim who can refute the texts except by way of some sort of cover all waffly response.  Something like "I don't see it that way",  "This is not how I interpret it".

Devout believers of Islam then are encouraged to follow the Quran.  And the text is the word of God.  Unlike Christianity where the texts are human writings, and therefore possible interpretations, the Islamic core texts such as the Quran are believed to be the actual words of God, relayed thru a human source Mohammed.

Setting this in a Traditional Non Religious Context

Leaving Islam is a special case, because Holy texts support violent action, and indeed this is sadly supported by Government law in some Islamic countries

But consider a family whose children exhibit behaviour that parents find abhorrent.  The parents might be strongly opposed to or hateful of

- People who are not Heterosexual
- People who are not White
- People who are not or their own Socio-Economic Background

But even so, they may be prepared to grant that their children have their own lives to lead, and whilst they do not agree and sometimes abhor the beliefs, or actions of their offspring, they should at the same time support them, and respect their children's decisions.

Essentially the parents agree to disagree and keep themselves from any punitive action no matter how tempting it might be to them

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

People have the right to choose and leave their religion or to have no religion without penalty.

Read the United Nations document

A Confession

Marcus has personal experience of family members 'shunning' or disowning others because of Racial or Religious difference.  It is a pivotal moment when you have to stand up and be counted, and say something is wrong, or the /do nothing/ /stay silent/ approach whereby you let your parents act in a way that you find abhorrent.   What would you do in this kind of situation?

Other Sources

Whilst the documentary above is hard hitting I found it did contain a number of 'red herrings' and arguments that did not support the cause.  What is the cause to me?

- People have the right to believe in their own choice of religion, or to leave it for another or to have no religion without Government sanction

- Being shunned by your family for such an action is unacceptable

- Being threatened, intimidated, assaulted or killed for such an action is totally unacceptable.  No matter what your interpretation or religious leader's interpretation of their holy text says

I think a further use of your time might be to watch the following YouTube Videos instead, example, oh and why not subscribe to the FaithtoFaithless channel?

From Da'wah to Leaving Islam while Arab

Ex Muslim since 12 Years Old

Ex Muslim Voices Launch: Queen Mary University

A Final Plea

This post is most relevant to non Muslims. I think you need an informed view of what Islam says about all aspects of its religion and you can inspect the texts and edicts relating to Apostasy. It would be a good start. In the West one needs an informed view of Islam, not just a knee jerk reaction.

And as a result of your reading you may be able to help others who face difficulties when changing or deleting their religious association.


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