Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sunday Sermon: Black Mirror

Subtitle: Be Right Back

For this post to have meaning you will have to watch the episode called Be Right Back from the British Channel 4 series called

Black Mirror

For many old people Death  (not Space) is the final frontier.

I have heard so many optimistic though I would argue grossly deluded close friends or relations who hope to meet their partner who has pre-deceased them in heaven.    It's a wish that those of us in a loving caring relationship would of course wish to be true.  But it does not make it so.

When I contemplate the continued demise of Religion in Western Society I often wonder what watershed event will precipitate Religion's relegation to a relic of things past, to a set of ideas that constrain and not expand the mind.

And this single episode of Black Mirror provides just one insight.

When Artificial Intelligence is able to capture the essence of our loved ones in a lifelike living format, anybody will have the chance for a dialog and even continued lifestyle here and now, instead of the promised prospect of something that nobody has actually ever seen and verified.

Watch the episode.   Somehow. Anyhow