Monday, October 10, 2016

Sticky Back Plastic

Marcus is proud to have introduced Agata to 

Sticky Back Plastic

Do you know what it is?

Stick Back Plastic is a term popularised by the British televison programme for kids called Blue Peter

It is an almost transparent plastic sheet which is sticky on one side.  It's not too sticky so that if you cover something and make a mistake you can pull it off and start again, or partially uncover and made some adjustments; for example removal of air bubbles.

The plastic film is also a little stretchy so it can cover uneven surfaces.

Back in the 1980's when Blue Peter was I would argue; most popular; every episode of the programme, that was broadcast at 5 in the evening (roughly) contained a section on practical hands on child friendly project.

And many times it involved Sticky Back Plastic!


Having been so indoctrinated it was natural when one started going to Senior school to cover your most precious books using /Sticky Back Plastic/

And the habit was further re-enforced for Marcus at University.  Why not cover everything in /Sticky Back Plastic/?  Sounds like a great idea.


And so,  a month ago Agata had the brainwave of making table placement mats from our Tyvec race numbers.   You know what I said?

"Why not cover them in sticky back plastic!"

And here it is in action, notice that the /sticky back plastic/ is really invisible in this photograph, but it is there.  Also notice this is Marcus' dinner,  a typical Vegetarian dinner, but that choice and rationale is the subject for another day.

I've been a loyal support of /Sticky Back Plastic/ for decades now.  Thank you Blue Peter for introducing me.  As you can see today, now Marcus and Agata I are both spreading the good word.