Saturday, October 08, 2016

Now all I can afford is the Chromecast Ultra

Subtitle:  Google makes an announcement for rich people

Marcus actually skipped his Zimfit exercise class this week so as to be able to livestream the Sundar Pichai  #madebygoogle event on October 4th

Of course read this posting first but if you have 90 minutes to spend I do recommend you view this

Google #madebygoogle

(If you only have 10 minutes instead watch the Verge roundup
Now there were a lot of impressive announcements, that in the longer term may radically change the way you interact with computers and what you do with them.  Google presented a vision of natural language interaction via a Google Home or Pixel phone  to the Google Assistant.

My personal experience with /OK Google/ or Siri or Cortana has been negative and that's putting it kindly.  Whilst I am old enough to insist on a keyboard with my computer I would fully embrace a new generation interface, with Artificial Intelligence built in to make my life easier.  If it works reliably,  or at least with similar reliability to my typing and manual searching.

This is the link to Google Assistant

The Hardware

The main items that interest the masses including me was the new range of Smartphones.

The Winge
Essentially it's all about the money.   The previous Nexus line of phone which has been abruptly terminated  were good value.  Every time I got my Nexus phone out I smugly thought to myself that whilst its looks were pretty mundane it was functionally state of the art, with good camera, latest Android, nano sim support etcetera.  Just everything and for a fair, even economical price.

But now the Pixel and the Pixel XL are up at flagship prices,  and whilst it's going to have the AI, super smart Google Assistant  (at best!), it is missing some features I'd really expect.  To me

- Not water resistant
- I personally don't want a headphone jack
- Too expensive!
- No SD card slot or removable battery
+ USB C charging  ( I dont need wireless)
-- No Optical Image Stabilisation, come on, idiotic
+ No stupid Physical home button .. hooray

Just to restate the title.  This Pixel is too rich for me.  When the Chromecast Ultra comes to Switzerland I will order it, that is all the money I'll be sending you Uncle Google :-(

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I shall leave you with Jessie J

I knew it was coming Google, but I am still disappointed with you!

jessie j: Price Tag

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