Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Never Go Back

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Subtitle: Marcus and the hot date

Here in Switzerland; Marcus and Agata have never been busier.  We do try to get out for our daily exercise routine(s) but aside from that the days, weeks and months seem to simply rush past.   It often very cerebrally related and so Agata has just made me a proposition that Marcus cannot possibly refuse: A hot date with her at the movies.

We are both great fans of the /Jack Reacher/ action hero novels written by the British (of course!)  author Lee Child.

In fact I think we have read or listened to the entire 21 novels that Jack has entertained us with over the years 

The Picture House
So we rarely if ever go to the movies.  Why so?

01 Cost:  In Switzerland, even in local Lausanne it can cost a staggering 20GBP equivalent per person.  And sometimes a lot more.  No this is not a preview at Leicester Square, just a local 'flix'

02 Language: We'd prefer a movie in English thank you and since the native Language is French, and then German and never English, the choice of English speaking non dubbed movies is small

03 Midgets:  As small people there is a fair chance that in a crowded cinema our views will be obstructed, making the enjoyable night out, well, not so enjoyable

04 Hi Def:  We don't have any Home Cinema, but of course we have a superb 4K TV and Bluetooth speakers. So that can give us a comparable viewing experience

05 Pause: For either locally played movies or those via Swisscom TV we can pause, take a coffee, rewind and if necessary for those action movies: replay.  Can't do that at the movie theatre.

But when all is said and done, we are geriatric enough to know the historical pleasure of movie going at an external venue.  So we've chosen an English Language showing, at a time when the cinema should be empty, and at a bargain price.

During the movie we expect to let our brain cells rest and get into the plot which we recall contains a strong hero and heroine,  plenty of action, and of course a thrilling yet happy ending. 

We just can't wait!