Sunday, October 02, 2016

Morat Fribourg Road Race 2016

Subtitle: Morat Fribourg 2016

Marcus Ankle Sympathy Moan
After 1 week my right ankle has not recovered from the Scooter accident.  But something weird, even though just touching the left side of the right ankle is so painful that I almost faint, I can still walk and run.   I give it another week before expending large Swiss time and money on a doctor who will surely say "rest it a little" or similar.

I'm only mentioning this in case prevailing opinion is that I should have run faster!

Race Report
It was quite uneventful really, the main difference is that Marcus and Agata were joined by our Lausanne friend Medalit.  So this meant the 3 of us squeezed into our Audi and unpacked ourselves in good time at the race start in Morat, Switzerland

Due to bad planning Marcus was in Block C and Agata and Medalit in Block G resulting in different starting times.

In honoured tradition Marcus always starts the first few Km of any racewith Agata and then, if possible just slightly edges ahead.  (Clearly when senility strikes soon; the position will be reversed, Agata will leave me and my Zimmer Frame and shoot off)

So today Marcus set off 12 minutes ahead of Agata and Medalit, meaning we should not see one another until race end.

A Peculiar Thing
Normally in a road race Marcus starts from the back, or the back of his group and is so able to gradually edge up the field.  But today throughout the race I only managed to advance past about half of Block C.  In other words my fellow block runners had chosen the correct starting position,  and had paced themselves not to go too fast or slow from the start.  What professionalism!

The Course
Everybody who has studied the raceplan or participated before will recall that the route is not flat. And that is an understatement of sorts.  Everybody ran sensibly and I saw no people in our block walking up an incline. Again, what professionalism

The End
Looking down at the race stats I find I kept pace till the end including the last annoying hill to the finish.   As will all occasions when I finish comfortably; I always think:  why didn't I go faster?  I still can't answer that question :-)


Marcus ate 2 SIS Gels and drunk just once.

Post Race Summary

Post Morat

The Real Race

As many runners will know the real race comes after the finishing line.  For Agata and Marcus we cannot relax until we are back home and in front of what is usually a very large dinner.  What you may ask are the mundane sequence of actions that are ahead of us

- Exit Race Area
- Pickup T shirt and Goody Bag
- Locate Showers and change   (we found out they sent us on a long devious route, well we think it must have been an extra challenge!)
- Locate each other, in this case today Agata, Marcus and Medalit
- Take the train back to Morat  (recall we finished in Fribourg)
- Find the Car
- Drive Home & drop off Medalit
- Get home!
- Take all dirty clothes and put the washing machine on
- Refile our used Race Numbers  (Agata is making placemats out of them!)
- Download Photographs and Video from Phones
- Write a Blog Article
- Put our Gadgets, like our Garmin watches and trackers and smartphone back on charge
- Synchronise our Garmins to the Web
- File away the Goody bag specifics like shower gel, pasta, dates, etcetera

Now it is finally time to prepare dinner!