Thursday, October 13, 2016

Let there be more Light

Winter Approaches!
2 factors, namely Autumn / winter approaching and Marcus' failing eyesight have combined to entice us to make another trip to our beloved IKEA for some uprated lighting technology.

Well remember that here in Switzerland there are not too many choices.  You may wonder why IKEA has been allowed in the country at all, but I can remind you that the head of IKEA is reported to live less than 3Km away in an unassuming house here in Vaud Switzerland.  Maybe the tax he pays has had some influence on the matter :-)

IKEA does have a large range of reasonably priced lighting stands, and today an increasing selection of LED and other energy saving lighting products.   They don't compare with the products I will list at the end of this article but they are a good starting point for experimentation, for an experiment that won't break the bank.

Our Choice

 The new light stand that we chose was the Rodd Base Light

It does not come with any lampshade.  Eventually we bought the cheapo NOT lamp only for the plastic lampshade (!!) And we will recycle the rest of everything.    The NOT lampshade is plastic and too small, so it is a stopgap, but it was the best simple, plain lampshade we could find after 30 minutes plus of searching.  Grrr.

The choice of E27 energy saving lights can be satisfied at IKEA but they only provide quite modestly powered LED lights and we need something a lot stronger.

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Photographic Lights
It is not generally known but Photographers use a variety of high power lights and reflectors in their work.  And this IS available to all, from my favourite Internet seller eBay and my favourite territory  China / Hong Kong

I will list some example lights here.  You need to goto ebay and try search terms like

e27 photographer bulb 220V
Buy it now
Lowest Price + P&P

As you can see the prices are nothing short of incredible.

LED Lights
For our Cave we have a mixture of lights.  First a Photographic Light to make a dark cellar very bright for extended working.

But for short visits it makes sense to have an LED light since this gets to 100% brightness instantly.

I would recommend Corn Lights/  Search ebay for Corn Light LED

Replacement Halogen Lights

I've talked before about replacing GU10 Halogen lights with LED replacements.  I did another check and still think that 15Watt LED are the strongest you can currently get.

This 2015 article refers

All in All
We continue to enjoy our shopping at IKEA.  Carefully designed, sensibly priced, simple household designs.   We bought some new lights and they will help us do battle with the shorter darker days that are now upon us.

Take it away Phil

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