Monday, October 31, 2016

Lausanne Marathon 2016

Marcus post marathon chat

We arrived to the Marathon in Lausanne an hour early, having had an extra hour of sleep  (clocks went back), and a custom grained porridge + honey breakfast.  Marcus special recipe.

We love the fact that you can still park for free less than 500 metres from marathon start, and that is what we did, walking uphill to Parc Milan where the start is every year.

Agata and I were in different start blocks which was a shame because with 3 minutes to the start an official told me to run to my coral and I missed having any drink, because Agata had it, so had to start the race thirsty.

Agata's Race (Personal Best!)

We haven't done much marathon training this year so I felt a bit apprehensive about running the full marathon distance and I set my expectations (or hopes really) on finishing under 4 hours. 

I went on at a relaxed speed, kept hydrated with Isostar drinks and water at refreshments stations. At Km 14 and 30 we had our faithful friends Ingrid, Vojto and Timeo cheering and taking photos, which was a great pickup! At around Km 30 I checked my time and discovered that I was on track to my fastest marathon time ever! 

If only I can keep the pace for the remaining 12 Km... Well the promise of breaking my PB did the magic and despite cramps in my calves I arrived at the finish of my quickest marathon ever.
After finishing, our VIP package didn't disappoint and I was greeted by a nice KLM/Air France crew in the dedicated tent where I spotted Marcus's happy face whilst he was rolling off the massage bed. The nice touch were super soft KLM blue coloured fleece blankets handed to us as well as drinks and nibbles and smiles.

At one point I thought I was hallucinating when on the massage bed next to me I saw A CLOWN getting treatment, but Marcus has a photographic proof, so it must have really happened.

Sufficiently recovered we went back to the finish area searching for our friend Medalit but we missed her in the crowd.

Overall: Very happy but calves hurt like h**l
Nutrition: ~ 700 ml of isostar and water, + 2 sis energy gels
Official time: 3:48:42

Marcus  Race Report (I finished)

Whilst I finished,  I was a little disappointed with the 03:37 time.  Critics might say that Marcus is never happy but on the quiet I thought this Marathon could have been a fast one, meaning closer to 03:15  Well:

+ I ate well last week.   No ice cream binges the night before like some people  (Agata maybe!)

+ I have dropped 2Kg in the last few months and I'm now at a race weight I never thought I would ever achieve.  (By the way, I put this down to a diet high in lentils and beans)

Pre Marathon ramble

The Race Plan
I had intended to start from the back and take it easy for the first half, keeping my speed to no more than 12km/h then after the halfway point accelerate

On the Plus side

+ Ingrid, Timeo and Vojto were at 14Km smiling and cheering for me.   This was a boost.  Plus I unloaded about 100 grams worth of buff and hat to them, so I was a shade lighter right?

+ I had perfect clothing for the day.  On the Saturday test run I wore too hot a top, and on the run back from the lake, up 500 metres to home I got hot and exhausted.  So planned to wear a thin top for Sunday and it was just right!

What went Wrong then

- I had more stops than anticipated.  My headphones died and I had to change over to the spare pair I was carrying  (no honestly!).   Took time.

- I stopped at too many drinks stations. Again time.  And then I had to find a toilet.  More wasted time!

- I was wearing my Asics shoes that are now sort of the wrong size.  Because after wearing Neoprene Protectors for about 20 years  (I am not kidding) I stopped recently.  And because I'm on economy drive; my plan is to wear out all my sports shoes and only then buy new stuff.   So my feet were slipping inside the shoes leading to inefficient running, and after Km 30 a large blister surfaced.  What an idiot!

- After Km30 I just sort of slowed down.  Unlike last year when I was battling a long term chest/ breathing problem.  This October I'm fine.   I just did not seem to have the energy.  Very annoying.  I'm hoping it's just circumstance and not approaching senility

Some Reasons

Every runner with a disappointing time has some reasons, or as other people see them excuses.  Here is my list

- I went on a strenuous run the day before Saturday.  When I awoke Sunday my legs were tired.  Idiot!

- I've been woken prematurely recently.  We now have a new set of noisy neighbours and I have not confronted them yet

- I'm in the middle of some exciting Computer Projects. They seem to force me into a typically 03.00 bedtime.  It's too late.

The VIP tent
Marcus can truthfully say that we usually never win anything, however Agata managed to get us free entries to this marathon by entering an Air France competition.  Wow!

And there was a post race VIP tent with benefits as shown below:

A Serious Close
Whilst I felt my time for the marathon was disheartening, the only person responsible is me.   But Agata had a personal best.  Her marathon time was 03:48.  Wow, just wow.

Faithless: See U More

I reflect upon my emotions when I think of her achievement. There is not a shred of jealousy.  Only respect, pride and love.  I have the continued feeling that after a somewhat troubled life; things sort of came right when I met and fell in love with Agata, and her with me.