Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Lausanne: Becoming Tropical

The Orb: Clouds

A visit to England is the height of Summer, this year 2016 has reminded me of a truth that I had honestly forgotten.

The weather in Lausanne is simply superb, and that in England is simply not.

Having lived in Lausanne for over 5 years now,  I also did not notice the effects of Global Warming. Even if you are a Climate change denier   (shame on you), in the last 10 years the weather here has just got warmer and drier.

Since Marcus and Agata will inevitably  (against our wishes) need to leave /this splendid isle/ mid-term we've been trying to analyse what is so great about the weather here in Canton Vaud, Switzerland.  And then to choose a new compatible destination ...

Green but Dry

It does rain in Lausanne, but we have noticed something special compared for example to the weeks Marcus recently spent in the UK:

There is significant rain per month, but it happens quickly.  I mean that the number of rainy days per month is very low. This is important to us (and maybe to the reader) because

- Days are generally dry or wet
- So a lot of rain falls in a relatively short timeframe
- For outdoor activities that we love e.g. Cycling, Running, Hiking  it critically means these sports can be pursued in the dry
- Due to the large rainfall the environment is still very Green, a rather Green and very Pleasant Land indeed.

Summer Temperatures

Here in the first week of October the temperatures are still pretty close to 20 degrees.  In fact last week, i.e. the end of September it was in the mid 20's.

It is hot without being humid.  And this means summery clothing for all even into this month of October.

Winter Temperatures
Winter in Lausanne in recent years has meant only occasional snow.  We are at about 700 metres altitude in North Lausanne, but snow does not normally settle thickly here for more than 2 weeks per year. Of course it is cleared on all roads, my comment relates to snow in nearby Gardens and Fields.

In the last years I don't recall the temperature ever staying at minus anything for more than a few days in the whole of winter.  I mean say -5 degrees coldest

Availability of Snow
Lausanne is only about 1 hour drive from multiple Ski resorts.  There the temperature and the Snow is guaranteed for the season.  Whilst less, IMSO  than say 10 years ago, resorts still have snow for the masses like you and I.   In 2016 we were able to Nordic Ski on nearby slopes until March, and these slopes do not benefit from any snow making pipework,  just piste levelers.

Compared to England
When Marcus visited England this summer he was made personally aware both from friends and from direct experience

- Many parts of the UK have modest precipitation / rainfall totals per year
- But the rain comes a little bit at a time
- Meaning high wet or misty days per month
- Studying Rainfall and weather charts we find that London has the best climate for the whole of the UK!!

In Summary

- Over the years we have grown to love the superior temperature and rainfall of Lausanne
- It makes the UK climate, even that of relatively warm and dry London look inferior
- We are not sure therefore that a return to the UK could be made without significant compromise to our outdoor lifestyle
- Nevertheless we keep enjoying the weather here whilst we can.