Tuesday, October 04, 2016

How did you end up with Trump and Hillary

How did you end up with Trump and Hillary being the only candidates for the next President?

This is a serious question that I ask all American friends.

You see as I somewhat sarcastically said to them:  The choice of your next President will directly affect my well being here in Europe.  Some say Apocalyptically so.  And so I think it would be only fair for us to have a vote or two.

Or something like that.

Whilst Hilary is by no means perfect I feel that she has been over demonised compared to any of her alleged indiscretions.

Americans In Europe
Tend to agree with Marcus's mild analysis:

- How did the American people get down to these 2 choices!

- Would you have rather had Bernie now, if you knew how Hillary's campaign is going

- Each campaign stoops to a new low on a daily Basis, alienating all but the most insensitive and ignorant

After the debate last week I can only refer everybody towards Saturday Night Live.  Today, we can laugh at least.

SNL: The Debate

SNL: Celebrity Family Feud

For the record,  Alec Baldwin has at last, found his true calling!

And surely there is just time to mention a British entry in the satire department