Thursday, October 27, 2016

Friday Sermon:A Shortage of Exorcists

The World Tonight October 27 2016

The World Tonight is one of the serious news programmes that Marcus has a daily appetite for.  This Thursday it ran a piece on:

The inability of the Catholic Church to convince its priests to train as Exorcists.    You should hear this for yourself at

Please Goto 40 minutes and 08 seconds

On the Positive Side
Open scepticism of Exorcism in General be it from any faith, or the assertion that basically not only Exorcism but all faith based dogma is absolute twoddle is something that is permitted in the West.

That is to say that by Government law; such open scepticism and rejection of these notions is not open to sanction.  Not just the Government, but neither the members or followers of the Catholic Church can for example legally kill me for my disbelief.

In our Western society the plurality of religious belief or religious disbelief is not a crime and most regard as a virtue.

Not a Challenge
So I address the following words not to any member nor any follower of the Catholic Church because I don't feel the need to talk to or through any intermediary.

To the proposed Gods and Daemons and Devils

I don't find credible logic for your existence

I don't find the words from your books consistent

I don't hear or find any sound principles from your followers to back up your claims or existence

In fact I'd lay out a challenge that you are no more than a fiction from a time when humankind asserted that the Sun revolved around the Earth and not vice versa.

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