Saturday, October 29, 2016

Discovering Brompton

Both Marcus and Agata could be classified as keen cyclists and thus far we have always stuck to road bikes.

But times change, and this is just an introductory post to talk about what other bicycle et. al. forms of transport we might introduce into our lives.

The Requirements
We are increasingly 'out and about' perhaps in new cities and even new countries where walking is simply too slow.

We are conscious that having a fantastic road race bicycle is great for riding but leaving such a bicycle anywhere is practically impossible:  A thief with a portable angle grinder can cut any lock in less than 60 seconds and relieve you of your ultimate ride.   The risks are of course much higher in new cities or countries in which you are not familiar!

Some Solutions
We have explored 'running cities' as we visit them; but this is only sometimes possible.   For greater distances we've started to research Push Scooters, Electric Scooters and Folding Bicycles.

Here are the current results

Push Scooters
Marcus still regards the Razor A5 as the lightest and fastest push scooter bar none.  But scooters from Decathlon come a close second in terms of value and availability.  These links refer

Razor A5 initial impressions

Bearing Upgrade

More Learning

My current A5 is now on its last legs and the latest model has an annoyingly wide handlebar making it heavier,  and more difficult to store.   What to choose next?

Electric Scooters

Early days, but the key deliverable is weight! Anybody can design and manufacture an impossibly heavy and cumbersome scooter.  The best in class trend we've researched seems to be  a scooter deck made from Carbon fiber and batteries integrated into the stem.   Many of these are now made in China but thus far I don't see direct sellers from CN offering much of a discount over European retailers.  To be investigated.   I leave you one example

Foldable Bicycles

Our research indicates the most known, practical and still regarded by the majority as the best folding bicycle is the British designed and manufactured Brompton.

We had another chance to view this bicycle at the Bern Motorhome show this October 2016

Brompton Review

We'd like to throw out a small plug to the local Lausanne Brompton dealer La Pedale

Brompton Builder

Still Deciding
With finite funds we have to carefully plan what the most appropriate next step should be.  Which of, or how many of the three routes should we follow!   We will keep you posted.