Thursday, October 27, 2016

Corsair Carbide Air 540

Corsair Carbide 540 review

The case that I'm intending to use for my 2016 workstation build is the Corsair Carbide Air 540.

Please watch the above video review for a guided tour of the case only.

 Quite attractive and not a full tower in size

The right side of the case where the Power Supply, Media Bays, 2.5 inch hard disks and all your unsightly cables live

The left side of the case where the Motherboard is mounted.  At the bottom is space for 2x 3.5 in drives in removable plastic trays

A large fan rear exit fan included

The case accomodates 2 front fans  (not included in my case?) and can take 2 x 140 mm radiators in the top of the case


- A cheap case made from Sheet steel and Plastic.  No Aluminium was seen :-(
- Cheap unfortunately relates to price and quality of construction
- Very wonderful and ingenious 2 chamber design to improve airflow & cable tidiness
- Room for 2x3.5 and 4x2.5 hard disks
- 2 media bays at the front
- Front panel USB 3.0 sockets, power and reset
- Case is smaller than a full tower
- Accepts both ATX and E-ATX motherboards, oh, and Mini ITX and Micro ATX

Despite the truly mediocre build quality because of its outstanding features I plan to use this for the 2016 workstation build.

I've run it already for 6 months with a geriatric 2006 Server Motherboard and I can see that the cooling and cable management works well.

Corsair Carbide Air 540