Saturday, October 15, 2016

Busy. No Sleep. Busy

Subtitle:   I'll sleep next week

The technical todo list has been attacked with forte this week here in Lausanne Switzerland by Marcus and Agata.  Unfortunately in a confrontation between a computer which never gets tired and Marcus, the computer tends to win.

On the positive side the resultant sleep deprivation is proof of both passion and determination and those are reported to be good characteristics.

Some of the ongoing projects that have contributed are:

Testing of Floppy disks and their compatibility on 2016 genre of Operating Systems from Microsoft and Linux

Some more low level Electronic Fiddling

A week of battling against Linux.  It won: Sooner or later you do something which in retrospect was unwise since it trashes your system.
Apache 2.4 has many new Directives and ways of configuration (over 2.2) . If I see the message  AH01797: client denied by server configuration: one more time I will come out in a cold sweat

BIOS fiddling to try and get dual floppy support on systems that only purport to support one.

Winter preparation of our road bicycles to be able to be useful during the cold period upto first snow.

For a change it is before 03 am and so it is really time to sleep.

Faithless: Insomnia 2.0