Sunday, September 11, 2016

We Came, We Ran, We Drank, We Smiled

Subtitle: Cotes de l'Orbe Half Marathon 2016

This is the report of Marcus and Agata's run around the Cotes de l'Orbe WINE half marathon.  The idea is that you run a half marathon and ideally take a wine degustation at one or more of the 12 hospitality stations.

To us,  it provides an additional challenge for the race, plus we don't need to waste any time post race opening a bottle ...

The Official Website

We noticed this year they offer a package deal where you can come and have VIP treatment and hotel accommodation.  Top marks for inventiveness here.

About Drinking Alcohol
Without getting too preachy, we would say that we enjoy but keep alcohol consumption to an absolute minimum.  Despite being very pleasurable and relaxing, alcohol represents large calorie intake in just minutes.  As athletes Marcus and Agata feel

+ Its a pleasurable past-time, but make sure it is not an addiction
- Stopping drinking is a fast way to loose weight and improve fitness
- It is expensive, and really expensive in our home  of Switzerland
+ The choice to drink, once you are of age, should be left to the individual.  Else you may not be living in a free society.

Before the Start

The conditions were dry and about 25 degrees.  Actually colder than the upto 30 degree heat we have experienced for the last month in Vaud Switzerland.  And the wind was not uber hot, so relatively speaking we think it will be an easy run, right?

 Local produce for sale

 This is a fancy dress marathon

Marcus attempts a selfie.  Go easy, this is my second every selfie.  I mean ever!

Swiss Wine

Before living in Switzerland we were ignorant to the point of not even knowing Switzerland had a wine industry.  Living in Vaud we are literally less than 10Km from local vineyards, this canton has many growers but most produce is drunk locally either in Vaud or Switzerland.  Not much is exported.

Our  Rules

Follow these signs, and obey the numerous policeman who will be stopping traffic and being generally nice

Pay special attention to these signs, because here there will be wine tasting and sometimes some nibbles to eat too!

Race Report

 Stop #2 and Marcus is getting into the swing of things.  The weather, the friendly atmosphere,  this is going to be easy ....

 Stop #3.   No water has touched my lips so far.

 Agata hides

This turned out to be the only stop with Chocolate.  Had I known this I might have filled up a bit more before running on

 Ladies had organised a liquid cooling stop.  Yep,  they offer to throw water on you.

 Can you recognise the wine expert in our family

 Meanwhile here is just the smiling amateur

 Time for Princess Agata to pose

 When you are wearing those rather warm Scottish kilts, cooling off seems reasonable

 I think she likes it

 Agata cools down

 Marcus keeps wine-drated

 Another stop, this time there is cooked fish nibbles.

 We have overtaken these guys about 10 times now!  They are sort of cheeting and NOT drinking at every opportunity.  I am not sure this is allowed.

 Towards the end of the race the Degustation points are less than 1 Km away from each other.  It's a look of almost shock.  May need to drink water soon.

 A stop with not only wine bit Gruyere cheese.  Now we are talking.

 Some of the best fancy dress we have seen

 Almost the last stop and they have chilled rasperry juice, and tasty noms.

Absolutely superb.

 We finish now!

Our Wine Prizes

Let's Review
We had an absolutely superb time.   The course was by no means flat, but the hospitality of everybody concerned made the Kilometres just fly by without us hardly noticing them.   An easy and relaxed Half marathon indeed.

Marcus drank at all the Degustation stations and was indeed rather jolly at the finish line, and had to have an emergency nap shortly after.

Considering the varied and hilly course, the modest price, the bon esprit, the nibbles and wine treats,  Marcus would rank this as one of the best Half Marathons in Switzerland of the year.

Enough said.