Friday, September 16, 2016

Tour du pays de Vaud 2016 finale

Wednesday September 14 2016 market the last race in the Vaud Switzerland running series

Tour du pays de Vaud

This year, 2016 we literally only made th 19.00 start in Saint-Prex with minutes to spare due to heavy traffic, despite the fact that we had allowed 45 minutes to drive the 30Km to the race start.

Because it was the last race in this 6 part series we think that this was attended by more people than usual, maybe also because this is mostly a road tarmac course and not really that hilly.   More scope then for the occasional runner on this 8.5Km or so course.

 Agata was in very good form.  In fact on this last run she finished an amazing 11th in her age and female category.  Way in front of marcus!

 Marcus finished the course easily.  It was a combination of keeping the speed down for the first 2Km and then winding up the speed until the end.  But unlike some other runs I finished with some 'gas in the tank' enough to sprint to the finish.

Friends like Carsten also had a great time and I might add that the weather was an astonishing 29.5 degrees hot even at the race finish time of 20.00.   Tropical indeed.

So it is farewell to Tour du Pays, but we have booked some other more challenging races in the next months, booked, because they are often sold out before the day of the race.   We will keep you posted.