Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Reasons Why You might be PreOrdering an iPhone 7 or Apple Watch 2

George Michael: Faith

Here in Switzerland
Here in ridiculously wealthy Switzerland the iPhone is the sort of baseline standard for Smartphones.  Marcus does actually continuously evaluate Smartphone usage on the Metro, Geneva Airport and lastly Starbucks.  The overall majority, and really I mean over 50% of people using Smartphones in public are packing Apple Smartphones.

In fact this week, with my temporary loan iPhone  I felt a little more secure on the streets.  As a foreigner if a Policeman came up to me I could quickly get our the iPhone and beg with the officer "You see I must be Swiss, and of good character:  I have an iPhone"

Well something like that.

The Reasons then
01 Fanboy Faith
Being a Fanboy or fangirl means that you don't have to know much about Apple products.  But essentially you have an overriding faith that what Apple produce is always excellent and that you must have it.

02 American
You could be American. And America gets the Apple produce first, the rest of the world second, and our home country of Switzerland, it always seems way later even!

Apologies.  I just checked.

Swiss residents can pre order on Friday 9th September

03 Rich
If you are well healed, i.e. rich then upgrading from your existing Apple Watch and iPhone combo seems like an obvious step.  Better functionality after all

04 Large Family
If you have many siblings it may be possible to shuffle your existing Apple goods to them and buy yourself new Apple Hardware.  Whilst this lets you feel like your old Apple is being usefully used it is normally an expensive option.  The recipients of your gear normally expect it for free.

05 Need
You may have had your existing Smartphone stolen or your exiting Smartphone is on its last legs.  So you have a genuine reasons for purchasing a new phone

06 Colour Prejudice

It could be that until now your iPhone was not available in your mandatory colour.  Now you have 5 chances.

07 Merits
This time around both the Apple Watch 2 and the iPhone 7 || 7 Plus both have some Unique Selling Points and innovation that I might actually find useful!

The Apple Watch 2 has a GPS and water resistance putting it on par with base level fitness watches from the likes of Garmin, Suunto, TomTom et al.  Albeit the battery life with GPS on may be bottom of class, but app functionality may in the mid term exceed the traditional manufacturers.

The iPhone 7 does push forward with innovation by first removing the headphone jack.   This frees up real estate that can be used for other componentry, e.g. a larger speaker, and reduces overall complexity. Slight advances in Camera software technology are welcome and the 7 Plus has a x2 zoom lens.

Both models are water resistant which is a real plus in real world environments including  warranty claims.

And Why Not
The above thoughts very much relate to regular people.  But if you take Engineers or IT Professionals like Marcus and Agata additional considerations always apply:

Are you frikking crazy, buy a new and [consumer] untested product,  or wait say a month until all the issues are ironed out?

In plain terms

- We don't need the hippest technology on the block
- We'd prefer solid and reliable and powerful and tested
- How about if say we give the testing job to 10 million eager fanboy consumers, world-wide!
- For example which if any of the new iPhone coloured cases will scratch too easily
- Or maybe those wireless headphones have connectivity issues

- Or short term iOS quality / bug issues for the iPhone 7 generation

Steve Hurley: Jack your body

iPhone 7, that camera