Friday, September 30, 2016

Running Pouch Upgrade

Of course Marcus checked the review and I was impressed to find that the existing running pouch design  (I bought a couple) has lasted all the way from 2014.   That is 3 running pouches, costing 9GBP total, including postage, have lasted for two years.


But in 2016 it was ready for a change and a possible upgrade

- The stitching on the 2014 running pouches had deteriorated
- What waterproofing on the inside had also diminshed

So I searched and found a new alternative:

 The 2016 design I have chosen after some ebay searching has

- 2 pockets
This is a critical different, allowing you to pack your keys and credit card and headphone in one side, and the second side only for the mobile phone.

My mobile phone is in a plastic protective bag  (of course!) but is otherwise on its own.  Meaning it cannot get scratched by keys etc.

- 2 pockets distributes the weight better

 The strap is thinner and more normal width.  The old pouches had ridiculously wide belts.

 Here it is again from another angle

I've tested it now for 2 weeks, meaning hundreds of Km of walks and runs.  It is just fine.  Absolutely no complaints.  In fact the 2014 pouch was getting loose  i.e. to long for my shrinking waistline and this can adjust to be just right.

Drum Roll

And the important thing to notice is that this running pouch or fanny pack as they say in the USA is costed at

1.22 GBP

including Postage  (all the way from Hong Kong)

I know,  it totally blows my mind.

I think I know what I can order as presents for my runner friends. :-)

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