Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Renens 10Km Road Race 2016

We finished the Renens 10Km road race, but a race in Renens, Vaud Switzerland is quite unusual ...

A road running race in Renens is relatively unusual since it is the more Industrial part of Lausanne in the west.  Definitely not a usual running race venue.   But I think it's a worthwhile event because it is child focused and encourages locals in the area to put more sport in their lives.

For our part we thought it would be a nice gentle Saturday run and our race fee would help support the local community

The Injury

Whilst the race was at 14.00 everything was just fine until about 10.00.   At that time Marcus and Agata went to the local Post Office in La Sallaz to pay duty on an Electronics package for Marcus.   Switzerland is not in the EC so incorrect labelling from the sender in Poland had meant a) The package was held in customs until I proved the value via invoice and made apologies  b) They sent the package to me and I was not around to pay the duty, so the package ends up at the post office.

Switzerland now charges 30CHF just because,  and then the VAT also.  This makes the import of small packages expensive, and in the case of mis-label packages also very late

Anyway that is a digression!  On the way to the Post Office about 1.5Km away from home I had a scooter accident resulting in my right ankle being hit hard with a metal scooter edge.  About 20 minutes later I was barely able to walk.  By 13.00 whilst I could drive, walking was almost impossible, but I felt running with adrenalin and strong painkillers might just work

Just Before
 We are actually so early that the queue for dossard numbers was quite modest

I'm pretty sure the familiar Jesus runner is stalking us!   And I also suspect this is his only T shirt.

Marcus smiles

A large number of munchkins attended and there was candy floss and other attractions.  We smiled at the good nature of all.

Last minute exercise warm ups.  Notice the weather is a not cool but wonderful 20 degrees, and remember we are almost into October.

Race Report

As Marcus threatened to Agata, I started by keeping pace with Agata for almost the first 1.5Km until the pains in my ankle were drowned with adrenalin. Then it was time for some modest acceleration.

There were 4 laps of a 2.5Km course which I would say was quite hilly!  Though on tarmac which helped.

Locals were out to cheer and offer support. There was a single water aid station on the course.   The atmosphere was very supportive, there was even one of two sprinklers set out to cool us down as we passed by.

I managed to inch my way forward lap by lap.  Not a single person overtook me. My final time of 43 minutes was okay until I found out the first placed runner in my stated category came in at 35 minutes.  Oh well,  I shout injury as my excuse :-)

Here is Agata finishing in a quick 47:23 placing her an amazing 5th in her category.  Go Agata!

Yet again Switzerland has spoilt us.  Excellent weather.  Good nature of participants and spectators. This run was modestly costed.  And close to home.  Challenging non flat course. Top stuff Switzerland.