Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Not the Apple Announcement

Black Eyed Peas: Don't Stop the Party

Subtitle: Priorities

Even if you don't own any Apple products,  and even if you don't have any interest in owning any I hope that you realise there is a major apple announcement on Wednesday September 7th 2016.

Here is the link

But I just don't care

Now really you should care.  Any why?

Apple's influence and importance in the Global Consumer Electronics Market, in particular Smartphones is huge.

Apple Stock rises and falls has major influence on the US stock market indices

Apple Stocks are almost certainly held by your Pension fund, er and rather annoyingly by Governments  (Yes Swiss National Bank, I mean you, for one!)

So really, care.

Our Priorities

Agata owns and makes almost continuous use of 3 Apple devices but she has made it clear to me that the priorities for Wednesday night are in this order

  1. Our local Lausanne Running Race
  2. Eating Dinner,  wine may be consumed
  3. Watch The Great British Bake Off

    Then and Only then
  4. Watch the Apple Announcement

Where to Watch?

Apart from the official Apple Website  I'd recommend CNET coverage, I'm particularly fond of Brian Tong's coverage.

Brian Tong: Final Rumours

Apple Live blog from CNET

The Post Event Show