Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Nexus 5X sudden death (part deux)

Subtitle: Will Hell freeze over as Marcus becomes an Apple User?

2 jokes to get us started:

1.  With a fall in Apple sales, Tim is desperately reaching out for people to switch from Android to iOS.   "Buy our products" even though I am selling,  I hear on the grape vine.
2: Apple pays so little tax it means it's products are easily priced under the competition.  That's why they sell so well.

No Joke Though
I bought the Google Nexus 5X On March 02 2016

The screen failed on May 23 2016.   I could tell it was only the screen because blind I could connect the phone and run adb  (Android Debug Bridge) commands and have them returned to me fine.

Then after a warranty repair the phone has now failed again on September 5 2016. This time dead as a dodo.

Swiss Warranty Repairs
The phone was bought from Digitec which I have evaluated to be one of the better computer companies in Switzerland.

But guess how long the Phone repair process takes:  Yes 4 weeks.   Un flipping believable

So in the interim I had the choice between

- a really awful bare bones Android Phone
- an elderly Apple iPhone 5S

I reluctantly went for the Apple iPhone and so I am <back>, kicking and screaming into the Apple subsystem.  Oh, and by the way of course you have to buy the iPhone from Digitec and then when your warranty repair comes through, take the phone back, and get a refund.

The Princess Phone
As an Engineer and Technologist I would like to state for the record that all Marcus and Agata's home electronics are worked hard BUT.  But they are treated like royalty.  This phone is always in a protective hard case and awkwardly enclosed in a plastic bag to protect from the elements.  The phone has never been dropped or abused.  Failure #2 leaves me upset, gutted and frankly annoyed.

iTunes and All of That
In the old days when Marcus had both an iPod and iPhone the killer feature was that one could start listening to a Podcast on the iPod and then pickup seamlessly on the iPhone.  Or vice versa.  But today I only use a Smartphone so this feature, brilliant though it is, is not useful to me anymore.

And that was the only plus from iTunes.  All the rest is negative, well on a Windows platform IMHO

- Confusing Menus
- What looks like a non Windows Application
- High code footprint and quirky behaviour
- Example, Podcast streams occasionally time out,  yet our home Internet connection is 24x7 and redundant, it's not us, it is iTunes messing up here
- Bugs, example: downloading Hundred of Podcasts on initial subscription.  Today I caught iTunes trying to download over 300 Groovelectric Podcasts, even though I told it only to choose the latest 5
- No sensible integration with my NAS box unless I use it as a iTunes server
- Storage of Music files on devices using an archaic naming system
- Application appears to hang when downloading Apps
- On iPhone App store leads to Blank Icon

What do I like so far?

I like the ergonomics and build quality, but the OS. Well, oh dear.  And the camera!  It's like a toy camera I had about a decade ago.

In Summary

Spandau: I lost my mind