Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Letter From Switzerland: Waiting

They say the English are good at queuing which is perhaps why I am supposed not to get too irate when I see a picture like this above

But First
Having lived in Switzerland now for over 10 years (but how much longer?) I think it is time for Marcus and Agata to start a new Blog Theme

Letter From Switzerland

Switzerland has many positive stereotypes, but not everything is rosy here.  Over the next few months I will examine some of the wrinkles, and some of the things that I used to find very annoying, but now completely agree with!

About 1Km from home the following sign has been errected.  As it says there is going to be traffic jams due to roadworks

For the next 2.5 years

Yes, in English this would rightly be called  "Taking the Piss", but here they are very slow and very serious.

And where is my B*****y Phone
Whilst the pace of life has certainly eased up in the last year there is always the time when Swiss glacial slowness hits hard.

My Google Nexus 5X smartphone failed for the second time on September 9th.  Two weeks ago.  And the retailer Digitec informed me that it would take 4 weeks,  or thereabouts to repair.

4 weeks!

As somebody who makes use of a Smartphone 24x7 I would normally always have a backup.  However my Lumia 950 was stolen  and I have been patiently waiting for a non ridiculously expensive nextgen phone  (so no to the iPhone 7 and even Google Pixel so I am told)  to get back to : Primary phone and backup phone.

So the sudden Death of the 5X  again has hit particularly hard.

And the further gotchas are

- They won't just repair the phone.  As I found out with the Nexus 5 where they claimed water damage, and refused repair.  I got the phone back. Then 9 months later when I opened it up, found this to be untrue, fixed the phone myself, and wrote to complain to Digitec.   No reply, no comeback, got nothing for my trouble

- They will charge for a technician to look at the phone, and so if its not covered by Warranty you are going to get a Bill for labour!

- Yes and they will take upto 4 weeks to get around to doing anything.

To me it is intolerable!  But Digitec is the best, not the worst supplier I could find.

John Mayer: Waiting for the World to Change