Thursday, September 01, 2016

House Clearing

Adele: When we were young

Subtitle:   Moving On

Marcus is freshly back from the closest thing to home, England.  Whilst there I had the opportunity to do some house keeping and cleaning, but strangely not at my own home

Remote Hoarding
In the past I have moved many times and on some of the more traumatic moves I have had occasion to leave possession at friends houses.   What have I left?

- Furniture
- My Hi-Fi
- Professional Grade Speakers
- Clothes
- >2 Race Bicycles
- Books on Art and Literature
- Television and Home Brown Goods
- So many classic computers

Please come back :-(
Looking back at my behaviour I have sometimes left items, hoping my partner or at the point of break up, ex-partner, might use these items as an aide memoire of the good times &  perhaps re-consider the injustice of the separation.  I can tell you:

It never worked.  And it still makes me sad to this day

Moving On
In 2016 though I had a more pleasant task.  I had remembered that I had left a substantial part of my music collection at a friends house.  How much?

Well about 500 CD's.   I think that is quite a lot!

It is time to unburden my friend from keeping this, and free up some of his loft storage for his own memories.

And so one last time,  I have a look at the index file, before it is pruned, as I discard these CDs into oblivion.   Many were CD transfers of cassettes and vinyl records.  I documented that agonisingly slow process recently here

When I think of all the effort that it took to convert this music into digital format it breaks my heart to throw away the physical results of those thousands of hours of hard work.

But this does not accord with my own broadcast 12 month rule   You will see from the dates that these items have been kept by friends for over 15 years!

It is finally time to move on.

Goodbye to the likes of: