Monday, September 26, 2016

Exercise Us RSVP

Subtitle: More Miles,  And Smiles

We got a call from Julia on Sunday at about 17.00.  Could we go for a Cycle Ride.  How Long?  2 hours was the answer.  And when?  Now, she said!

Of course we said OKay

Agata and Marcus have only a few Exercise rules, but they do include

- Daily Exercise:  Meaning something each day, even if it just a modest walk

- Never say No:  Means, if somebody asks us to help with a training session or join their exercise, we try our best to always say YES

We may not (yet) be the fastest Athletes in our class, but we have a couple of things going for us.

Recovery Time
Do we need recovery time?  It's very unusual for us to need any recovery time.  And Marcus is famous for not pre race tapering.  To do so I feel would make it just a little too difficult for the competition :-)

The rule we used to set is that we should be capable of, and that means we maintain a fitness level to perform a Marathon or similar endurance related activity every day.

Low Injury Rate
By being conservative on a race or  with your daily exercise means you keep something in reserve.   Certainly daily risk taking I would not encourage, because pushing it can lead to something breaking, snapping or going wrong.  And when that something is your own body, it normally takes ages to recover.

By all means undertake a training plan that gets tougher over time, but over a long time!

Currently we do have the time to exercise and make a structured training plan.  No more trying to squeeze in an exercise session instead of lunch during the working day.  Having time is key

Discounting obvious things like smoking or drinking alcohol to excess, most of us eventually notice the connection between good diet and our ability to perform sport, at the highest level, consistently, and with minimal to zero recovery.

When you give into the temptations of fast food, or overly processed food, or don't eat regularly, or by your own certain knowledge,  /just eat crap/, you actually feel its detrimental effects on your daily exercise regime.

And then hopefully some basic Brain logic kicks in and requests you to modify this sub optimal behaviour. Not by cold turkey, but steadily over time , to /cut out that crap!/

We try to keep our eating habits healthy, and this does not mean expensive, rather it means (for us) , less meat, more fish, more bean, more unprocessed foods, low to little sugary foods,  just general common sense really.

And so
And so, back to our ride.   We had a fantastic 40Km cycle, along the Lake in Lausanne, a tour of the Vineyards, some nice climbs

Bike Friday

Along for the ride was a nice American, Gabrielle who introduced us to her new-ish touring bicycle. It is an American brand called Bike Friday.   It can disassemble in about 15 minutes and fits in a small case. It was quite impressive and so merits the following photo spread.

Their website:

Some pictures

If you come to train in Lausanne then Marcus and Agata are just an internet ping away.   We are more than likely to act as your willing and cheerful Exercise training partners for that Cycle, Swim, Run or Trail Run.  We don't have a pre-set exercise training limit.   We look forward to meeting you here.