Monday, September 19, 2016

End of Swim Season 2016

Subtitle: Pully Pool closes for 2016

We are reluctant swimmers, but as a time efficient, low impact, calorie burning exercise that many body shapes can participate in, it has few equals.

And so it is with a heavy heart that we tearfully say goodbye to the Open Water Pully Pool swim season 2016.

I have already fawned in blogposts about the beauty of Pully Plage.  I am sorry but you are going to have to hear it again one last time.

Let me start by mentioning the area.   Pully is just a few Kilometres east of our home in Lausanne. It takes us about 15 minutes to cycle or drive there.   The pool is located by the side of the lake.  The above are views from the car park!!  And note, unlike many other Lausanne Swimming locations, the car park is free.

There is a separate toddler pool so that famalies and children can enjoy water safely.  Or perhaps you are learning to swim

The pool is 50 metres long and heated.  IMHO I think that it could and should stay open until the average temperature in any week is lower than say 15 degrees.  Just an example.

As you can see the pool has swim lanes divided into tortoise and dolphin and an open area.  In our experience it is rare for any lane to have more than 3 swimmers.   And that believe me is just fantastic.  Today on Agata and Marcus' last Sunday swim of the year we both had our own lanes.  Absolute luxury.

Of course whether we are actually swimming, childminding or just talking with friends we always try to smile and realise our good fortune.  This really is a great pool,  with beautiful views, good service and so many quality features.

Time to say Goodbye

And so it is a fond farewell to Pully open water pool for 2016.   We look forward to our next meeting in 2017

Pully Plage