Sunday, September 18, 2016

Demi de Jussy 2016

It has been a few years since we ran the Night, half marathon at Jussy which is 80Km away on the outskirts of Geneva Switzerland.   Part of the reason for our absence is that this is a subscription event and it gets full months before the race.   This year in 2016 we did remember to book as soon as the tickets were on sale.

 The race started at 20:50 and we had about 30 minutes to get our Dossard and check that all our gadgets worked.  In this case Marcus had to download Spotify music for the race!

Race Report

Over the last few years Marcus has found an invaluable race pace tool .... Agata!  Simply put if left to his own devices I usually get the pace wrong, traditionally starting off too fast, running out of steam at say half distance or before, and then struggling to finish 'easily'.

Instead staying with Agata for the first few Km, at a steady and just slightly slower pace works really well.

But on Saturday night I found Agata running at 12Km/hour which is around my normal pace.  So it was impossible to 'leave' her, she was running too fast.

Nevetheless Marcus did just manage to break away at the 10Km mark.  I came up on a man running at exactly my favourite fast speed and since we were about 50% complete I could now do a negative split, much faster last 10Km of race.   We crossed the finish line together, smiling and sprinting.  Not a single person overtook us on the last 10Km, wheras we overtook , well lots and lots of people.

I checked the Garmin tracks.  First half ran at about 5 min 30 per km, and in second half I was down to about 4 minutes 40 and down to below 4 minutes 15 on last few km.  Very pleased to be able to finish.

Since we have had torrential rain this Saturday, after about 3 weeks+ of tropical weather,  I am pleased to report that during the Race the rain abated and so whilst the course was wet and muddy in the forest sections, no water came down from above.

 Agata finished this half marathon only about 10 minutes after me in about 01:57.  This included some extra minutes lost at an aid station, so but for that she would have practically been on my tail.