Wednesday, September 14, 2016

BBC Radio4 Training

My heart lept just a little because whilst hard at work at home I received the above message.  My first instinct was of course to search Radio 4 for a production

There was only one and I immediately started listening to it.   In fact, by the time I had walked into town to pickup Agata from her school, I had reached episode 3 out of 5  (each episode is 30 minutes in duration).

You've got it all Wrong
I told  Agata I was upto part 3 and she explained she meant the new Poirot Mystery Closed Casket. I felt like such a fool!

As usual when any spoken work is related I instinctively jump to BBC Radio 4 and Radio 4 extra, two stations of 24x7 high quality spoken word entertainment.  Oh and free to listen to as well.  Oh, and available globally using the BBC iPlayer Radio.

Hercule Poirot?
As most of us know Hercule Poirot is the famous Belgian detective who is an invention of the English author Agatha Christie.

But what some of us forget is that after her death, Sophie Hannah has been officially licensed to produce new murder mysteries in the spirit of Agatha, by the Agatha Christie foundation.

And so, we intend to save up and then purchase this as an Audiobook from Audible.

I am sure both Agata and Marcus will enjoy the new Poirot, but my heart jumps back to Radio 4

Like many skills, learning to love BBC Radio 4 is best imbued during one's childhood. But, to quote Just William,  being han hinterlectual, there is a good chance that Agata will pickup this very healthy and worthwhile Radio 4 addiction in the next few years.

The things you can achieve with time.
And, after all, we now have the time.

Take it away George

Boy George: Time