Saturday, September 03, 2016

ASUS selling Dreams

Asus Zenwatch 3

Before the World Wide Web, when people had to rely on things like The Television or Magazines for advertising Marcus and his peers used to joke about advertising copy that told me absolutely nothing.

It seems however that times are turning full circle.

As usual I hold Apple at least partly responsible for the nosedive into fantasy that I see in ASUS's latest marketing videos.   Apple, responsible because as any good car salesman knows, crafting an ad that targets the emotions hits much harder than one based on facts, and what this <thing> can actually do for you.

As an ASUS fanboy, i.e. one who appreciates their products, because of, to me their track-record in

- products with decent technology
- often class leading features
- priced WAY below comparable
- many times showing innovation, not copying

I ask you to view the above 

- Ah that Italian leather
- That hand finishing
- The old guy with a magnifying glass

Really ASUS, really!

But wait there is hope.   Instead of the above fantasy land video I would refer you to the full IFA press announcement

ASUS IFA Press Event