Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Apple Order Placed

Show me the Money

Marcus was simply dumbfounded when I found out that more than a couple of friends have in fact ordered a new Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

If you recall from this Saturday posting I did list some reasons why people might be stumping up for an Apple iPhone 7 or Apple Watch 2.  And equally why even if I thought it was worth the money, I would hold back

Donna Summer: Works Hard for the Money

It's a Group thing
Group dynamics can be a powerful force.  I can recall years ago when my social group included fast cars.   As a car nut I was attracted to individuals with a similar passion, but equally there was a degree to which we egged each other on,  to buy or modify our car/cars.   This is needless to say an expensive past-time

And equally I can also say that with the heat of youth abandoned,  having an expensive and fast to very fast car no longer seems a priority.   It would of course still be nice, but it's way below having a fast and reliable bicycle for example.

I hope that my change of view is more dominated by a genuine change in priorities and feelings rather than no longer being part of a /fast and furious/ collective

What about the Money?

Jessie J: Price Tag

On the cost justification side a Smartphone is very useful, but compare it to other items you might like to use in your apartment.  Example: a Dishwasher or Television.  Or perhaps a fridge.   A new Apple iPhone 7 Plus and wireless headphone combo will set you back a staggering (to me) 1300 CHF or about 1300 USD.

I must be living in a different world to that of my peers, because as I detailed above,  when I asked friends on Social Media, they mostly had of course pre-ordered the 7 Plus, top of the line, big kahuna memory version.    The main dilemma they were facing was /choosing the colour/.

I am simply staggered!  Buyers ...

- some were students!
- some were not knowingly super wealthy
- the price of the phone and earbud combination compares with a high end laptop
- anybody making this order is not just ordering State of the Art technology, but unfortunately cosying right up to the proprietary Apple ecosystem aka walled garden.

Simply Red: Money

For Marcus and Agata it's like a game of high stakes Poker.  And right now, even though Marcus' only smartphone has recently broken,  this game is too rich for me.  So for those of you who really thought it is going to be worth your money, the videos in this post will hopefully amuse you and at least make you think, well just a little.

Pink Floyd: Money  (Reinterpreted :-)

Rihanna: Better have my money
For the Love of Money  (my absolute favourite of all time)