Thursday, September 08, 2016

Apple and the iPhone 7 and all of that

Apple Special Event Sept 2016

Apple at last has the Special Event freely viewable.  So if you have 2 hours and want to fully catch up on September 7th 2016 announcement

This is the Link

Short Catch Ups
I too feel that brevity is important so below are some summary videos

Apple 2min catchup

Not the best, recommend the 5 minute catchups below

MacRumous event summary in 5 minutes

15 Minute Engadget Summary

First Impressions
I actually quite approve of the announcements.  Perhaps with care one can use the new products and still stay just far enough away from /Apple Proprietary/ to claim that one still has a brain

Apple Watch 2 finally has GPS   (duh!), water-resistance
iPhone 7 finally gets rid of the headphone jack  (about time)
iPhone 7 and plus  has Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), water-resistance
iPhone 7 plus has 2, 12MP rear lenses, one with x2 optical zoom (56mm)
Proprietary Wireless Headphones Airpods

Oh and a wonderful Ending

Sia: The Greatest