Friday, August 12, 2016

Wonderful Pully Piscine Pool Lausanne

Regrettably I am not paid a penny to write the expound on the virtues of attending the 50 metre Pully Open Air Swimming Pool.  I am just a happy, indeed very happy customer.   As you can see from he photograph, living in the Vaud Canton area of Switzerland, next to the Lake has its attractions.

Reluctant Swimmers

Marcus and Agata are still reluctant Swimmers.  We much prefer our other 2 principle sporting activities, that of Running or Cycling.

But we recognise that Swimming is a great full body workout.  It's low impact and (say) 1 hour of Swimming will boost your fitness much more than 1 hour of Cycling or all but Track Session Running.

Why makes Pully pool special?

- Not overly busy / Quiet
It's not overcrowded like Bellerive Lausanne,  there is a constant stream of people, a little bulge at lunchtime when worker bees for local companies grab a quick swim.   But to me the clientelle is often retired people or people who can visit during Monday- Friday, 9am to 5pm.  So it gets the numbers but in a nice and balanced way.

- Separate childrens Pool
A second pool, dimension 38x25m - prof 0.70 to 1.10m, caters for children and those learning to swim

- A better class of customer
I don't wish to be eliteist, but it is just true.  Pully town is quite  up-market and I think this is also reflected in the pool, the friendly attitude of staff and the swimmers.

- Decent Opening Hours
09.00 to 19.30 and 20.30 in August

- Heated
Yep, unlike Lausanne, it is heated and warm.  Lausanne has been promising such a change for years, but never delivered. Pully has it right now

- Wetsuit Friendly
Pully triathlon club trains here and wetsuits are a common sight and allowed.

- Restaurant
There is a restaurant and bar and ice cream stall.

- Extended opening Possible
The pool usually closes on September 11, but if good weather persists it gets extended to September 18.

Notes:  You can't get from the pool to the beach, so don't try taking a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) into the pool and going onto the lake.

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Alternatives Are Available

The Pool car park is also host to many eccentric / unusual motorbikes ...


Pully Plage still open