Tuesday, August 02, 2016

When are you going to make a living

Marcus just had a delightful meeting with Abraham, a close friend, and young person, in Central London.   We talked about life and how to fix the world.

The Decor in the cafe was the 1980's and suddenly Sade: When am I going to make a living  rang out on the speakers.

Deja Vu
I was transported back, well over 30 years to a time when Kathy and Marcus might have met in a similar cafe,  and talked about life and how to fix the world, and that great new artist, Sade, wasn't it?

Sade: When am I going to make a living?

When did I start to make a Living?
People would not believe when Marcus started.  Let us just say, I  already worked so many years as to have >130%  contributed to a full UK state pension.  At that is a really long time.

Changing Expectations in 2016

Today, young people, say at age of 20 or so have expectations like:

- Doing a job which is both rewarding and money earning
- Even as your first job
- Ability to join the housing market, to buy, even before the age of 30
- A good work / life balance, meaning working hard but not to the exclusion of social time outside of a 40 hour or less working week
- A working environment where social and primarily Internet Connections are allowed and expected

In my Day Young Fella

Not wanting to sound like an /old fart/ but Graduates of the 1980's era had none of the above expectations.

There was the knowledge that not only a University Degree based education would be a necessary minimum, but the first job would probably involve mentally challenging tasks like photocopying and making coffee.

So now it is 2016, after multiples decades or work and toil,  I think it might just be another generations turn.

Good luck, because in this overpopulated, often race to the bottom world, you are definitely going to need it

Marvin: Don't talk to me about life

Simple Red: Money's too tight