Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday Sermon: Where have all the Good People Gone?

I was encouraged to see the results of a Statista report, which you can find here which shows the recent and dramatic decline of Religion in the USA, a country noted for its strong Christian membership.

Despite this shift, today in 2016, the USA is still a country where it is generally acknowledged that it is impossible to hold Presidential office unless you are both a) Religious and b) a Christian

Whilst there have been over 2000 religions, most of which are now extinct, they share a common belief that

- only they are the true religion
- and therefore by definition, that no religion, or somebody else's religion is an incorrect world view
- and it is doubled down by an inference that people with no religion or a different religion are of less moral character than those within your religion

Not a Bad Person
&& Not Evil

Krauss: Not Evil

This one minute video extract from Lawrence puts forward the point admirably

I shall leave you with Mika:

Mika: Good Guys