Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tour du pays de Vaud, Autumn 2016

It's the start of the 2016 Tour du Pays de Vaud running race season!  This is  now regular yearly event in Marcus and Agata's running calendar and we have reported on it previously

This is a report on the first run in Penthaz

 Some drink preparation

 At 30 mins before the 7pm start nobody was queueing!

Marcus sprints up first hill then stops to photograph people.  How annoying motivating :-)

 Time to find Agustin and tell him to hurry up

 Agustin runs fast

Agustin at the last bridge

Last straight to finish

Last Killer hill before finish

Finish is in sight

Robert sprints to finish

 Agata on the last straight to finish

Radu before the finish

 Agustin to the finish

Marcus chasing encouraging Sandra to finish faster!

 At last the finish

 Sandra finishes with a smile

 Kathy finishes smiling too

The skies are darkening, and thus time to rush home for din-dins and perhaps a celebration glass of wine?

Well Obviously

Category: Runners excuses

Marcus could perhaps legitimately claim that his time of 34:42 would have been a little improved if he had not a) been chatting and running at the start  b) stopping to take photographs  c) not slacked off on the last hill.   But I was rather pleased.

Good times.

We look forward to joining further runs in the series :-)

Tour du Pays de Vaud