Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Orca Safety Swim Buoy

Believe me, if you swim in Open water the Orca Safety buoy is worthy of your consideration.

If you swim outside of a pool, for example in the sea or lake you may have experienced the

Almost run over syndrome

This is where a boat, maybe a motorboat almost runs you over.

The issue is usually visability and this is where the Swim buoy comes in.

Okay it is bright orange and highly visible.  There is a air pounch that you blow into and inflate.

But there is more!   There is a storage compartment that you can put clothes or food or even your phone and electronics into.  Then you carefully wrap the end up to form a waterproof seal.   So everything will stay dry and the separate air sack means the buoy cannot sink.

Finally an adjustable strap connects the buoy to your waist.

At first I was a little nervous and loaded the inside with items like a towel and some trainers.  Then after some swims in Pully pool I was convinced that nothing would get wet.  So now I'm confident to also put my phone and house keys into there too.  At last you don't need to leave your valuables on the beach or in a dodgy unsafe locker.  Take them with you!  And be seen in the process.  I've not found pulling the buoy and significant drag by they way.

In summary
Really recommended for any serious swimmer.