Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Daily Trump

Trump: Get the Baby out of Here

The thing politicians say in England especially in the run up to an election are often regarded as a gift by UK comedy writers.   BBC shows like 

Dead Ringers

The News Quiz

form the bedrock of political satire  that one hopes might just curb the excesses of British /political crazy/ by making such behaviours available to a wide audience.

But in this last week I have been wondering where the American equivalent is.  Yes, for some days now Donald Trump, probably President in waiting to the United States of America has been saying so many 

leftfield  / inappropriate / batshit crazy

things in public that even fellow Republicans have had to publicly disagree in a form of damage control

Republican views on Trump

Trump and the Crying Baby

Donald Trump Criticizes Muslim Family

President Obama: Trump "Unfit to be President"

Donald Trump relents over Paul Ryan re-election

Trump campaign teeters on the brink

Donald Trump Full Economic Plan Speech in Detroit, Michigan

Fact Checking Donald

Donald Trump News Google search

Over lunch I solicited the opinions of an American friend.  He confided that

- both candidates Clinton and Trump were universally unpopular
- it was like the doctor asking you wanted your left or right leg amputated
- his view was that Hilary has shown herself to be inconsistent, while Donald had not yet had the chance to disgrace himself by action only words.
- this apparently makes for advantage Donald.

I frankly admit the thought of Donald Trump (DT) becoming president seems an alarming and misguided prospect based on DT's own statements.

So for the most part I'd divert my attention back to British Comedy and right now we have the Edinburgh Fringe


BBC Radio Comedy
Funny From the Fringe