Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Comment: What the Kids want to Study

Mika: Popular

In the UK now students must pay for both their accommodation and tuition.  The latter comes in at about 9K GBP per year and you can take out a Government loan for the First degree costs to cover all of the above.

If Marcus was taking a college course today I think the criterion would ideally be

- Something I have a passion for
- Something that will be relevant to my future career
- Something that will earn money
- Something creative: I don't want to be the weaselly middle man.
- Something that improves the world
- Something that leads to a career that is not easily outsourced

The age old question (some decades ago) was: Is it sufficient to do a degree course in something you love even if it has no practical applicability in the world and said course will be almost useless in helping you enter a career?

Well I leave this debate to you, but look below and see what kind of world the UK might be promoting based on the 10 most popular University courses.

01. Physiotherapy
02. Law
03. Make Up
04. Psychology
05. Actuarial Science
06. Paramedical Science
07. Computer Science
08. Sports Psychology
09. Medicine
10. Marine Biology

Enough of my comments:  Read explanatory articles yourself: