Monday, August 01, 2016

Stalking Prudential RideLondon

As increasingly capable Athletes and in particular enthusiastic Cyclists, Marcus and Agata are proud to say that we have made a great effort to be with the 

Prudential RideLondon

No Ballot
By the time we realised we wanted to participate at the beginning of 2016 we had missed the ballot.  That is to say you can enter a lottery, and then if accepted pay money.

There are /buy/ charity places but they were too expensive$$ for us to consider about 2 months before the event.

And then Agata's bicycle was stolen

And So
The best we could do was this

Buy Agata a new bicycle.  As I write this we are upto about 500km cycled.  In just a few days :-)

- We made a charitable donation to support Prudential RideLondon

- We registered for the Saturday fun cycle in Central London

- We contemplated Cycling close to the Sunday 100 mile closed road course, or even joining it, for part of the way, if this was possible.

 A very happy Agata with her new bicycle!

The Pro womans race at the Mall, London on Saturday July 30.  I know its a 180 degree turn, but I thought Agata could give those professionals a run for their money. 

I am standing in the wings, waiting to be her coach :-)

Sunday 100 miler

We were staying at Walton on Thames which is close to the 20 mile point of the 100 mile Prudential course.

We cycled parallel to the course for some time and then briefly joined it.

Agata and I were a little uncomfortable in being on course, albeit at the back after all but the most pedestrian riders had gone by.

And then, as we were right at the end, behind even the stragglers we came up on a big jam.

A serious accident caused a massive race halt whilst a few injured people were airlifted to safety.

We rejoined the /official route/ looking for a way to delay ourselves ...

We found a cyclist in trouble and spent over 15 minutes fixing their bicycle.

Surely now, we are behind everybody on the course and can cycle on our own, guilt free, on the closed roads, without offending anybody ..

Twenty minutes later and we come upon another halt.  A further accident!

We stopped for a London priced Coffee and Croissant. So that we would be really at the back again.

And then later,  another halt ... We give up.  We can't cycle any slower :-)

So we gave up trying to go at the back of the course and plotted a direct course back to Walton on Thames.  That turned out to be a lot of fun.  London is so flat compared to Switzerland  And additionally most parts of Central London  (as compared to say Devon/ Cornwall etc) have very fine and smooth road surfaces.  You can hit a sustained 30Km/h without breaking a sweat.

All in All
It's been a tremendously fun filled weekend on Agata's new sooper-dooper bicycle. Next year we will try in good time to enter the Prudential ballot.

Full report on Agata's new Ribble bicycle to follow.