Thursday, August 04, 2016

Riviera Classic Car Show

Subtitle:  A disappearing Generation

It's true that there are many car fans out there in 2016, but the nature of the game has somewhat changed.  Today it is more about spotty kids picturing or video blogging the Supercars or Hypercars of today.  With the ubiquity of the Internet, Facebook and Youtube, suddenly everybody is an expert, and often more interested in /their fame/ than that of the cars themselves.

Back in the day, let's say the 1990's or thereabouts you could dream, fantasise and lust over a Ford Capri 3000.  And this British production line car was mass produced in the thousands.  But it was attainable.  (By comparison a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador is handbuilt, expensive, unattainable for most even if you have the money, and almost impossible to drive on UK roads)

And further, in the next 10 years, advances in Self Driving cars will, most likely make high performance, manual driving cars all of: an oddity, a distasteful excess, and simply an inefficient and expensive way to get from A to B.

So back to pre 2000 cars.

Marcus attended the 2016 Paignton Classic Car Show.

I arrived late and so the following photo album and highlights shown below is very very short.

Nevertheless I had a splendid time, and the rain started as the show was closing.  Phew!

Did You Notice
Most of the above photos are well, enigmatic.  If you know your stuff I challenge you to /name that car/  based solely on the above.

And then please goto the full album

It is here

And then you can see these and many other cars.  And feel that 1980's drool come back to you.