Sunday, August 07, 2016

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Jack Johnson:Reduce Reuse Recycle

Subtitle: Less IS

Whilst Marcus has talked many times about our personal goals towards brevity and economy it it simultaneously exciting and depressing when I uncover an as yet unpruned asset.

In this case my ageing mostly Microsoft original licensed software collection as pictured above.

- I paid a lot of money for this software
- It is mostly Microsoft Software with some Apple  (<3%)
- But I have not used it, some in at least 10 years
- It's not like my /Vintage/ Cromemco or other pre DOS Manuals.  I do keep all of that (online) to support a worldwide network of Vintage computer enthusiasts.
- This pile represents some Expensive usually OS or Office or Small Business software, which because of its cost has made Microsoft the profitable company it is today.

But according to our 12 month Rule  it is no longer required and I have refined my needs and have purchased updated replacements for current, 2016 use.

- Initially I considered make .ISO images of these CDs and DVD's.  But this would be over 300GB of spinning storage, which would lead to a footprint of over 1TB including backups.

- If I really wanted to keep this software it would be saner to just keep the original media

I have a close friend who does their best not to understand or care about my 12 month rule.  They say

- Keep everything
- You might just need it
- It's not really taking up that much space
- Honestly, I still know where everything is

I Say: Slippery Slope

- Short Term: Its true, the addition space seems minimal

- Medium Term: You'll have difficulty finding stuff,  because the irrelevant starts to built up everywhere

- Long term: Your house is just full of absolute crap!

And I can also throw in Health and Safety,  Peer frustration,  embarrassment &  Psychological Issues just for starters.

Our Current Software Strategy

- Main rule: Don't Hoard Software!
- Changed to Media less i.e. Download Media not Physical
- Think about Download on Demand, toward min/zero client install footprint
- Keep it minimal and simple as possible
- Recycle i.e. gift or resell software as legally allowed wherever possible

And the embracing concepts are:

BUY less stuff
Live according to your needs not Greed.


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