Monday, August 29, 2016

Professionalism: Wait for It

I was just about to make a video detailing the latest discovery, that being motion sensing, lithium ion, rechargeable lights.

But it is cancelled.  And why?

Because I've not finished evaluating and testing them.

I am often in the company of other Engineers or Scientists and find them under immense pressure to cut corners with their design process.  Or perhaps to publish that paper ahead of time, for peer review, when such is known to be premature.

Marcus and Agata are not in this game.

A job should aim to be done efficiently, to the highest standards,  with decent testing.   Then we'll publish a review.

To Managers, Project Managers, Coordinators and the like.  Have some appreciation for the people you chaperon.  If they are working effectively and the project is behind,  then it's the project dates that need moving, not the proles chastising.

Not a Review