Saturday, August 20, 2016

Muji Wallet Makeover

For several years I have happily used and recommended the minimalist credit card wallet from Muji you see on the right.

However for the last year I've been mortified because my nearest outlet says that it is discontinuted.

But for August 2016, good news.

There is a replacement,  The new horizontally opening wallet shown above on the left

Because I said SO!

I have seen many other ingenious minimalist wallets out there and associated technical reviews.  They are sort of missing the point.  Why?

Well because this is the best one, I can assure you

- Big enough to take 5 cards and some folded currency
- Economically priced
- Plastic not metal and so
- Contactless cards work whilst inside the wallet
- Mine lasts about 6 months before replacement

So now, surely I have convinced you.  Find it here