Saturday, August 06, 2016

Mission Statement: In Honesty and Information We trust

Subtitle: So what is on the then?

I checked and this blog, namely was started on Saturday, October 14 2006.  I reflect in public that right now in 2016, this blogpost

- Can take from minutes, to usually hours of work to post
- Not at the behest of any sponsor, for there are none
- Tries to promote original content and thought, and not rewrites or forwards
- Validates and checks content before setting forth
- Honestly portrays our thoughts on Current Affairs
- Aim for 1 post per day

Content Categories
The subjects put forward on this Blog directly relate to our life experiences in the full.  And so the principle categories might be

- Athletics: Particularly sports: Cycling, Running and Swimming
- The Gear we use to support our activity filled lives
- Philosophy
- Religion and its place in this world
- Technology
- Computing from Smartphone, to larger mobile devices, upto and including the Mainframe

Fact Checking
Like the good Engineers and Scientists that we believe Marcus and Agata  endeavour to

- Base our thoughts on evidence
- Reason & Rationality
- Fact checked as far as is possible
- Not include speculation or rumour
- Posts are always open to revision and update to reflect new information/ evidence 

The Repost
[Warning: Foul language ahead]

Marcus is critical and abhors some aspects of others journalism

- Shit for brains articles, based on speculation or base articles which are suppositions, very improbably articles without reference.  Basically manipulations of half truths to get to almost zero truths.

- The snidey comment.  This is when we spend hours preparing something and some fuckwit makes a cheap rebuttal.  It's easy to criticise, more difficult to create content and actually put forward a set of ideas.

- The repost, or repost rewrite,  so it's not your own work or thoughts, but you claim it as your own

To Summarise
So with that said,  please continue to read.  By all means read and disagree or correct,  ideally write your own complimentary or counter article and post it on Google+ where all posts are also shown.  But NB:

For (right) now we have the time.